The EM13 combines the IP data signal with the CATV then transmit it to the partial network to realize the broadcasting program and the IP date transmit in one line. The equipments install on the HFC line or the buildings. It can provide the subscriber with the video and audio and data services.


EM13 is the headend equipments of the cable TV bandwidth data access part, it backups 2-way cable TV input port and the IP data combine output port, with a Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. The other specials features are as the followings:

  • EM13 is easy to repair and configure; User-friendly operation platform.
  • Compact structure: body and cover are made of military-grade exterior treatment, steady and durable.
  • High quality and efficient external power adapter, through the national 3C certification, with excellent safety and electromagnetic compatibility, and perfect anti-surge protection, so that greatly improve the reliability of the machine; while reducing the power consumption and prolong equipment life.
  • With NMS that full compliance with national standard MIB library, with the headend network management software, you can remotely manage data access master and each ES series user terminal.