10G Ethernet Switch S5700-48T4TF


The 10 Gigabit switch S5700-48T4TF of SmartFiber is a BCM chip series of standard three-layer non-blocking switch. It is equipped with 48-bit 10/100 / 1000M RJ45 electrical ports, 4 integrated 10G SFP + optical ports, and one console port to provide sufficient bandwidth. It provides high capacity switching capability and supports Layer 3 and Layer 4 ACLs. Features. Perfect security control strategy and CPU protection policy to improve fault tolerance, ensure stable operation of the network and link load balancing. At the same time support automatic DoS attack defense and SNMP, IEEE 802.1, spanning tree, spanning tree protocol, Link aggregation and other functions, suitable for small and medium enterprises, campus network, Internet cafes and the edge of the use of metropolitan area network.